Knottingley Playing Fields

The 'Greenhouse'

Whatever happened to these beautiful gardens?

William Dobson

A photograph of Knottingley Playing Fields  taken around 1950

The same view as it appeared 
in 2001

Ferrybridge resident William Dobson has very kindly sent us these two photographs taken over 50 years apart depicting the changing scenery around Knottingley playing fields.  The beautiful landscaped gardens have completely disappeared.  The scanned photograph of the gardens was taken from an old tenants handbook while the present photograph was taken by Mr. Dobson himself to show the comparison.

A resident of the community for 52 years, Mr. Dobson has worked as a gardener for the local authority for the past 31 years, spending 14 of those employed full time to take care of the local park alongside Castleford Lane, Ferrybridge.  For someone with such a keen interest in our landscape it is seen as a tragic loss to the community.

If anyone can supply us with any photographs taken of these gardens in their original state, we would be delighted to display them on our web site.

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