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22 FEBRUARY 2006

After recently reading the Knottingley and Ferrybridge edition of the Digest, I was prompted to inform you that I was living at Sculpture House when the fireplace was removed. I would have been aged about seven at the time and I am now 83 years old.

A Mr. Tommy Sides, who at one time was Mayor of Pontefract, owned the house and it was he who employed my father, Sydney Wise, at Carterís brewery in Knottingley, which gave us the opportunity to rent the house. My mother informed me that the fireplace was sold by Mr. Sides to an American gentleman and was shipped out there. I donít know the address, but that is what I understand to be the case. Mr. Roger Ellisís grandmother was quite right in her assumption.

It may be of interest to know that my father came from Ripon and walked from there to Byram Park Estate, seeking his father and brother who were lumberjacks working for Sir John Ramsden who lived at Byram Hall. In his search he was directed to Knottingley where he understood his father and brother were lodging. He mistakenly knocked on the door at the household of a young widow named Mary Wilcock who had three children. Sydney was immediately smitten by Mary and so he decided to stay on in Knottingley where he found work at Carterís Brewery. He and Mary were eventually married and I was their first-born child, followed by my sister Margaret (Peggy).

During his time at Carterís, my father was sent to Goole to manage a public house called, by strange coincidence, the Sydney Hotel, where he stayed for a year. After his time at Carterís, my father became a self-employed coal merchant and the family moved from Knottingley to Sutton Lane, Brotherton. I remember my father delivering coal from Brotherton to Boroughbridge and the surrounding areas for one shilling a bag.

Whilst living at Sutton Lane, I met and married Roy Eaton who was the only son of Percy and Mary Eaton, the licenseeís of the Punch Bowl Inn, Brotherton. We had two daughters; Diane, followed two years later by Helen.

Sadly, in July 1944, Roy, an airman in the RAF was killed in action. Married a second time to Ronald Daniel we had two children, Andrew and Christine. I trust that this brief story will be of interest to the readers of your excellent publication.

Barbara Daniel (nee Wise)
22 February 2006


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