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6th February 1826

HARTLEY William Hartley & wife to come into house and to work for Mr Shillito
WRIGHT George Wright to go to Asylum and the Overseers to receive his club money and to pay the club
ADAMS William Adams allowed 3/- occasional relief
COPLEY Widow Geo Copley to have 10/- towards rent

Knottingley 7th May 1826

That a meeting will be held in the School House on Thursday the 12th instant at 6 o’clock; in order to Appoint a Select Vestry

At a meeting held at the School House in Knottingley the 12th day of May 1826 to appoint a Select Vestry, a notice being first duly given for that purpose the following persons are hereby appointed:
Revd John Bailey, Clerk Thomas Shillito Edward Gaggs
Wm Moorhouse junr Mark Carter Edward Tomlinson
Joseph Stanhope William Allen Thomas Spurr
John Martin William Taylor Wm Seaton
John Whittenstall
And the Overseers for the time being

The usual approval was signed at Wentbridge 22nd day of May 1826 by W R Hay a West Riding Magistrate.

6th March 1826

ADAMS Widow Adams of Sheffield to 2/6 for 8 weeks to come then 2/- in future or until further orders
JOHNSON Mary Johnson made application
COPLEY Widow Ann Copley made application
BRIGGS Widow Jane Briggs made application
CLARK Hannah Clark made application
BOLTON Thos Bolton continue at 3/- per week until further orders
SCOTT Widow Scott application for 1/6 per week in future
BROOK Widow Brook application for 2/- per week in future
RHODES Widow Rhodes to have 1/- per week
MASTERMAN Widow Masterman application for 3/6 per week in future or until further orders

13th April 1826
BOLTON Thos Bolton to have 6/- for a few weeks
HOWRAM Mary Howram wants relief
BRIGGS Widow Briggs to have 2/- per week
RHODES Widow Rhodes to have 1/- per week in future
CLARK Hannah Clark to have 2/- per week until she is better
HOPWOOD James Hopwood very ill requires relief
FAIRBAIRN Elizth Fairbairn to have 2/- occasional relief

1st May 1826

LAND Sarah Land to have flocks for a bed for the child, also a sneck and bands for a door for chamber
CHAPMAN Jane Chapman to have no further pay
BOLTON Thos Bolton to have 3/- per week till further orders
MORRILL John Morrill wants rent paying
STEEL Sarah Steel to have no more pay – to come into house
ATKINSON Widow Atkinson of Pontefract applies for 2 shifts or money to get them – to have them

5th June 1826

LAND The house that widow Land had is now empty, would it not be better to put Thomas Mounteer into it, and let George Jackson and wife go into theirs, as they are both obliged to quit having got notice to their quitting, for certain causes. Thomas Mounteer for keeping a disorderly house and Thomas Atkinson wanting George Jackson’s for his own use.
I think you had better remove Thomas Mounteer to the house widow Land had for the reason you state, you will certainly have control over them as the house is a Town’s house

19th June 1826

ACKERS Not to write to Warter respecting Ackers & family until further orders
HOWRAM Mary Howram’s child to come into the house
THOMPSON Respecting William Thompson’s pay
JOHNSON Mary Johnson to come into house or have 1/- per week
CRAGGS John Craggs not to be paid as usual – have 2/- per week or come into the house
ADAMS Wm Adams to have 5/- in future
STOCKS Widow Stocks to have 2/6 in future
ATKINSON Christ. Atkinson’s widow to have a couple of shifts if required

17th July 1826

JOHNSON Mary Johnson to have 1/- in future
THOMPSON William Thompson to have 1/6 per week in future
WRIGHT Geo Wright to have 2/6 per week in future
GILL Richd Gill to have 3/- for a few weeks or until his daughter is better

Subscription to Askern Baths to be entered in James Miller’s name
Subscription to Dispensary at Pontefract to be entered same

14th August 1826

WALKER William Walker wife being very ill and not able to work to have 2/-
HOPWOOD Respecting Mark Hopwood
HARDY Respecting John Hardy

September 1826

PULMAN Thomas Pulman to come into house
SMITH Elizth Smith to have her child put out at 3/- per week
See respecting McCABER, OXLEY of York, TASKER widow, THOMPSON John and child, George WRIGHT’S goods

16th October 1826

MASTERMAN Widow Masterman wants rent paying
WEBB Thomas Webb wants 1/- per week laying on
TEAL Widow Teal requires relief
RHODES Widow Rhodes requires further relief
ADDY George Addy applied for work
WILD John Wild applied for work

23rd October 1826

Mr Shillito with Moorhouse to call on widow Copley respecting her having additional pay
HOWE John Howe to have 2/- per week and write to Overseers
RHODES Widow Rhodes to have an extra 1/- per week
TEAL Widow Teal to have 1/6 per week
BELWOOD John Belwood to have 5/- for a week or two

27th November 1826

WILSON Ricd Wilson to continue at 2/- per week for 2 weeks longer
MASTERMAN Widow Masterman to have £2 lent towards rent
SPENCER John Spencer ill and unable to work – wants relief
To send £1 to Carlton

The whole of the business with respect to (monies paid) to go entirely through James Miller’s hands
A Committee to be called this day fortnight to take into consideration the collecting of rates in John Atkinson’s hands, to be called at 9 o’clock
Paid a Nugmans wife 6/- to help her on the road
SHARP Matthew Sharp 1/-
WILD John Wild 1/-
TRAVIS William Travis 2/6

11th December 1826

BELWOOD See respecting John Belwood
See respecting Doctor Bywater
BALDWIN See respecting William Baldwin, he belongs either Castleford or Whitwood
HOSSELL See respecting John Hossell’s boy
BLACKBURN Widow Blackburn ill and requires relief
NAYLOR John Naylor relieved with 2/-
WALKER Jonathan Walker to have 2/- at present
THOMPSON William Thompson to have no more pay
ELLICE Squire Ellice to have £1 note sent
GOODYEAR Widow Goodyear to have 2/6 per week
SPENCE John Spence to have 3/6 per week in future

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