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3rd January 1825

At a meeting held this day it is resolved to accede to the proposition made by Mr Thos Shillito to provide provisions and coals for the use of the workhouse at 3/- per head and if the number exceeds 20 at 2/9d per head and that he have the benefit of their labour.
To commence his management of the 8th inst. And that he take the stock of pots and culinary utensils at a valuation and return them at the expiration of his management, or at the same valuation.
It is further agreed that Mr Shillito on his part, or the committee on their part, when desirous of dissolving this agreement shall give one to the other a months notice, and after such notice is given this agreement be considered dissolved accordingly.
It is further agreed that if Mr Shillito shall place any person in the house for his own purpose or convenience as manager, remove such manager when the engagement shall be dissolved and deliver the house up to the Committee as he found it.

Signed by Thomas Shillito and William Allen the Chairman.

WOOD: Ramsdin Wood’s wife allowed 4/- per week
HOPWOOD: Mark Hopwood allowed £1
CRABTREE: Widow Crabtree be in future allowed 3/- per week
THOMPSON: John Thompson allowed 2/6 per week for a few weeks longer
DIXON: John Dixon’s family (Dixon himself being in Wakefield House of Correction for poaching) allowed 4/- per week until he is liberated
COPLEY: Widow Copley allowed 2/- per week

7th February 1825

At a meeting held this day at the Committee Rooms for the Select Vestry it was thought eligible to appoint the following persons to serve as Special Constables for the Township of Knottingley for the ensuing year, also the Constables and Deputy Constable:

Constable: John Atkinson
Deputy: Samuel Atkinson
Special Constables: John Raynor, Richd Rodgerson, Jos Hilton, Jos Whiteley, John Allison

23rd March 1825

BLACKBURN: Geo Blackburn’s widow & children to have 2/- per week till her children get into full employ
DEPLEDGE: John Depledge pay reduced from 3/- to 1/6 per week
NAYLOR: John Naylor pay reduced from 2/- to 1/- per week
THOMPSON: William Thompson pay reduced from 2/6 to 1/- per week
TINDALE: Widow Tindale pay reduced from 5/- to 3/- per week
ACRES: Widow Acres pay reduced from 5/- to 3/- per week
AUSTWICK: Widow Austwick pay reduced from 6/- to 5/- per week
HOPWOOD: Mark Hopwood & wife allowed 3/- per week

Knottingley 17th April 1825


That a meeting will be held in the School House on Wednesday evening the 27th instant at 6 o’clock; in order to examine the accounts belonging to the Select Vestry for the last year. Also to appoint a Select Vestry for the ensuing year.

Michael Rothery, Thomas Spurr, John Martin, Overseers of the Poor.

At a meeting held in the School House in Knottingley the 27th day of April 1825 to appoint a Select Vestry, a notice being first duly given for that purpose. The following persons are hereby appointed:

Revd John Bailey, Thomas Shillito, Edward Gaggs, Wm Moorhouse, Mark Carter, Edward Tomlinson, Francis England, Wm Smithson, Robt Long, Joseph Stanhope, Samuel Maw Long, Wm Seaton, Samuel Atkinson, John Jackson, And the Overseers for the time being.

At a meeting of the inhabitants of the Township of Knottingley regularly convened for the purpose of appointing a proper person as the Assistant Overseer for the Poor held this 28th day of April 1825 it was unanimously resolved that James Miller of Ferrybridge should be elected to the office with a salary of Seventy Pounds per Annum.

Present were: Edward Tomlinson, Chairman, Mark Carter, William Moorhouse, Robt Long, Thomas Shillito, John England, Michael Rothery, David Cawthorn, Thomas Finney, George Burton, John Brown, John Atkinson, Wm Smithson, John Hepworth, Wm Seaton, John Martin, Thomas Spurr, James Cawthron, Thos Turner, John Hardy, Josh Kitson, Mark Hepworth, Thomas Marsh, William Allen, John Brown senr, William Brown, William Miller, Robt Lowther.

The usual approval was signed at Wentbridge 9th day of March 1825 by Jos Scott a West Riding Magistrate.

16th May 1825

AUSTWICK: Nicholas Austwick & wife & 2 children (he being sick) overseers to wait upon them and enquire concerning the removal of their goods etc
AUSTWICK: Widow Austwick – no alteration
TAYLOR: Michl Taylor to have his rent paid
RHODES: Widow Rhodes to have poor rate allowed
MOUNTEER: Thomas Mounteer to pay half years rent or at least to clear up the rent
HORTON: William Horton to pay in future your assessment
GRUBB: Widow Grubb to have 1/- allowed
TINDALE: Widow Tindale – to make enquiry
DEPLEDGE: John Depledge have no further allowance
ADAMS: John Adams to have 5/- per week for 2 weeks

30th May 1825

THOMPSON: William Thompson to have 2/6 per week in future
GRUBB: Widow Grubb to have 1/- per week
AUSTWICK: Widow Austwick (Thos widow) allowed 6/- per week
TAYLOR: Michl Taylor to have 8/- per week
AUSTWICK: Nichs Austwick to have 5/- per week
TASKER: Widow Tasker allowed a little occasional relief till further orders or until she is in better health
BRAITHWAITE: Jonas Braithwaite allowed 4/- per week till next committee meeting

Constable accounts passed and allowed £5-17s-11d

27th June 1825

AUSTWICK: Willim Austwick widow allowed 5/-
ARMITAGE: Jas Armitage allowed 1/6 per week and 2/- for expenses
HORTON: Wm Horton & wife allowed 2/- per week
HOPWOOD: Mark Hopwood allowed extra 6d per week for the present
STOCKS: Widow Stocks to have a pair of shoes
LIGHTOWLER: Chas Lightowler allowed another 1/- per week
ELLIS: Widow Ellis allowed 7/- towards rent
CRABTREE: William Crabtree allowed an extra 1/- per week for the present
FOZARD: Jon’n Fozard allowed 10/- towards his expenses at Askern

Overseers accounts as entered in ledger allowed

John Atkinson to be employed to collect the arrears of rates and be allowed 1/- in the £ on the amount collected for his services.

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