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9th January 1824

At a meeting held this day at the Committee Room convened for the purpose of appointing proper persons to serve as Special Constables for the Township of Knottingley the following persons were present: Edwd Gaggs, Mark Carter, Willm Butler, William Moorhouse, Wm Smithson, Wm Seaton, Wm Taylor

The following list of persons were thought eligible: John Allison, John Frear junior, Josh Butterworth, ---? Bramham junr, Jos Whiteley, Michl Rothery, Geo Bew, Charles Thorp, Edwd Marshall, James Rawlingson, Jos Stanhope, Thomas Turner, John Pollard, Robt Jackson, Wm Brears, Thomas Marsh, Fras England, John Lambert, Joseph Perfect, John Webster, John Atkinson, Josh Hilton, Davd Cawthorn, Richd Rogerson, John Fewster.

21st February 1824

That the accounts as entered in the ledger to this day be allowed

11th March 1824

At a meeting held at the School House, a notice being duly given for that purpose, when the following list of substantial householders within the Township of Knottingley was made to the end that out of the said list the Justices may appoint the Overseers of the Poor for the year next ensuing: Wm Seaton, John Robinson, Jno Allison – present Overseers, John Martin, James Bramham, Michael Rothery, Thos Turner (Grocer), John Atkinson (Butcher), Thomas Morley, John Frear junr, Francis England, Thomas Marsh, Robt Jackson. Present at meeting: M Carter, Robt Long, Wm Allen, Wm Smithson, Wm Butler

22nd March 1824

AUSTWICK:Widow Austwick and 5 children pay increased 6/- to 7/- per week
ACRES: Widow Acres allowed £7 towards expense of removing furniture and family to Leeds
THOMPSON: John Thompson applied for a weekly allowance. He has a wife and one child 7 years of age and he is now receiving 3/6 per week from a benefit club – directed to attend next committee meeting
CLARK: Hannah Clark nothing allowed, to come into workhouse
STEWART: Martha Stewart’s pay of 1/- per week taken off

Knottingley 18 April 1824

That the inhabitants of this Town are requested to attend at the School House on Wednesday the 28th April next, at 5 o’clock in the evening, for the purpose of nominating and electing members of the Select Vestry for the ensuing year, and other special business.
John Jackson, Churchwarden. Thomas England and John Allen

At a meeting held at the School House in Knottingley the 28th day of April 1824 to appoint a Select Vestry, a notice being first duly given for that purpose the following persons are hereby appointed:

Revd John Bailey, Clerk; Thomas Shillito; Edward Gaggs
Wm Moorhouse; Mark Carter; Edward Tomlinson
Wm Allen; Wm Smithson; Robt Long
Thomas Turner; John Robinson; Wm Seaton
Thomas Atkinson; John Jackson
And the Overseers for the time being

Whereas in and by the statute made and passed in the fifty ninth year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Third instituted “An Act to Amend the Laws for the Relief of the Poor.” The inhabitants of my Parish in Vestry assembled are empowered to establish a Select Vestry for the concern of the poor of such Parish and to that end to nominate and elect in the same or any subsequent Vestry, or any adjournment thereof respectively, such and so many substantial householders or occupiers within such Parish, not exceeding the number of twenty, nor less than five, as shall in any such Vestry be thought fit to be members of the Select Vestry. And the Rector, Vicar, or Minister of the Parish, and in his absence the Curate thereof (such Curate being resident in and charged to the Poor’s Rates of such Parish). And the Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poor for the time being, together with the Inhabitants, who shall be nominated and elected aforesaid (such inhabitants being first thereto appointed by writing under the hand and seal of one of His Majesty’s Justice of the Peace which appointment he is hereby authorised and required to make) shall be and constitute a Select Vestry for the care and management of the concerns of the poor of such Parish, and every such Select Vestry shall continue and be empowered to act from the time of the appointment thereof until fourteen days after the next Annual appointment of Overseers of the Poor of the Parish shall take place. And whereas it has been this day duly made to appear unto me, being one of His Majesty’s Justice of the Peace for the said Riding that the inhabitants of the Township of Knottingley in the said Riding in Vestry assembled on the 28th day of April Instant have, in pursuance of the powers contained in the said statute, established on the Select Vestry for the care and management of the concerns of the poor of the said Township and to that end have in the same Vestry nominated and elected twelve substantial householders and occupiers within the said Township whose names are hereinafter mentioned to be members of such Select Vestry. I therefore, by virtue and in pursuance of the authority given to me by the statute aforesaid do hereby appoint the same substantial householders and occupiers, that is to say, (list of names as above) to be members of the said Select Vestry so established as aforesaid for the care and management of the concerns of the poor of the said Township of Knottingley in the said Riding.
Given under my Hand and Seal at Castleford in the said Riding the eleventh day of May one thousand eight hundred and twenty four. Signed  J D Bland

24th April 1824

CHAPMAN: Widow Jane Chapman & family to come into the house and pay to cease
FISHER: Sarah Fisher’s child have no more pay
TINDALE: Widow Tindale pay reduced 5/- to 4/- per week
MACCABEZ: Widow Maccabez pay reduced 3/- to 2/- per week
DAWSON: John Dawson’s pay reduced 3/6 to 3/- per week

28th June 1824

REDFEARN: Elizabeth Redfearn have 4/- per week provided she belongs us which shall be first ascertained
BRAMHAM: Richard Bramham shall be liberated from Wakefield House of Correction on condition that £10 shall be paid immediately, £9-10s-0d in 3 months, and a note of hand for the last payment by brother & father?
LIGHTOWLER: Chas Lightowler have 6d per week as occasional pay
MASTERMAN: Late John Masterman widow have 3/- per week until further enquiry
JOLLY: Jas Jolly have £1 to enable him to go to Askern with, and a note for the Baths

26th July 1824

BLACKBURN: John Blackburn being ill shall have 2/- per week as casual pay

16th August 1824

WAINWRIGHT: Widow Wainwright of Temple Hirst allowed 4/- per week for the future

30th August 1824

That the meeting do adjourn until this day fortnight in consequence of a proposition from Mr Thos Shillito that he will take them by the head at the following rate, when under the number of 20 persons in the workhouse at 3/-, and when above 20 at 2/9d per head

TINDALE: Widow Tindale allowed 5/- per week

27th September 1824

Examining the Overseers accounts

11th October 1824

Only T Shillito attended

15th November 1824

THOMPSON: William Thompson to have 2/- per week not 4/-
ROWBOTTOM: John Rowbottom have 2/- per week instead of 3/-
CHAPMAN: Jane Chapman to have 1/6 while spring on casual pay

20th December 1824

BECKWITH: Widow Beckwith to have 1/6 per week for herself & children
CLARK: Hannah Clark to have 2/- as casual pay and nothing after
MASTERMAN: Widow Masterman’s rent of £6-2s-6d be not paid at present
LIGHTOWLER: John & Mark Lightowler shall be employed on the roads at 8/- per week each
DYSON: Geo Dyson have 5/- extra to buy some coal

Committee Meeting to be convened 3rd January 1825 to appoint a proper person to live in the workhouse.

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