Austin City Marshall Re-election

An article published in Austin Am. Statesman Newspaper by Ben Thompson
requesting votes for his re-election of City Marshall.

Fellow-Citizens of Austin:

I have announced myself as a candidate for re-election to the office of City Marshall.  As an inducement to your support for the partial term about to expire, I promise you, if elected, to fill the post to the best of my skill and ability.  Honored by your suffrages, I entered upon the discharge of my duties without the knowledge and experience since acquired.  That some minor, perhaps important, things have escaped adequate diligence and attention, I will not pretend to urge a denial ; but I can truthfully affirm that I have been as faithful and vigilant as under all the circumstances I could well be.  And, in this connection, I trust you will pardon me in submitting for your consideration the following extract from the official record of police matters, coming under my supervision during the ten months of my time as City Marshall and Chief of Police, dating from the 21st of December last to the 17th of October, to wit ; "Number of arrests, 1200 ; turned over to justices court, 40 cases ; dismissed, 52 cases ; appealed, 18 cases.  Total amount of fines and costs, $9,056.  Amount of fines worked out on the streets, $2,803.75.  Amount of cash collected, $6,252.25.  Total amount of property and money stolen and reported to the police, $1,172 ; amount recovered, $912."  Protesting against any design of making an invidious impression in my favor, the assertion is, nevertheless due to those of my friends who generously continue their confidence in me, that it is believed that the above statement will favorably comport with any like summary of the city's ministerial affairs, and none can successfully charge that I have disregarded the baton, by abusing the unfortunate, the timid and poor.  The reflecting citizen will remember at the same time that the city has been entangled in the toils of financial embarrassment, and that this condition of things affects the sphere of police, as well as of other municipal relations, and that it was right and proper for me to co-operate with my superiors and the council respecting the interests of the people in this regard, and to subordinate the department under my charge to the exigencies of the situation without limiting or impairing its substantial efficiency and usefulness.  In conclusion, I would gratefully acknowledge my obligations to the magnanimous and fair minded citizenship of Austin for its kind support and assistance for the official term that has just passed, and would confidently express the hope to one and all that I may not be deemed entirely unworthy to re-solicit a repetition of the same.
            Respectfully,                                              BEN THOMPSON


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